About ACEOs

Limited Edition ACEO Print
Limited Edition ACEO Print

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals".


The standard format is 2.5" x 3.5" inches in dimension - the size of a sports trading card.

ACEOs can be either one-of-a-kind originals using various art media or can be made as ACEO limited edition prints.


These wonderful and affordably priced miniature works of art can be collected, traded for, or simply framed for display.


ACEO Limited Edition Prints

ACEO Certificate of Authenticity
ACEO Certificate of Authenticity

ACEO Print buyers and collectors appreciate the value of a limited edition, thus they are generally made in small editions [10-50]. In addition, they are customarily signed and numbered on the back (for example 1 of 50 or 1/50 for example).


All my ACEO Prints are printed with a Certificate of Authenticity on the back of the card and include the title, date, edition number/size, and signature.



They are printed on acid-free museum quality paper with highest quality archival inks.


How to Collect and Store ACEOs

ACEO Sleeves and Binder
ACEO Sleeves and Binder

A simple and affordable way to collect and store your ACEOs safely and keep them easily displayable (as a unique coffee table book for example) is to purchase a 3-hole punch binder and a set of clear sleeve pages made especially for trading cards. You can store up to 9 ACEOs per page.


These pages are commonly found at sports memorabilia stores and office supply stores.  Make sure it states on the package that they are Acid-Free (No PVC) and Archival Safe.


Another way to store your ACEOs is to put them in stackable clear plastic boxes that are made especially for storing sport trading cards.


I ship all my ACEO Prints with a clear and individual acid-free and archival card sleeve so they can be stored safely and securely in any type of box.



How to Display ACEOs

ACEOs look great individually or arranged together into a composition and can be matted and framed like any work of art. (As shown in the sample images below).


I include a small 1/8 inch white border around my ACEO Prints to allow room for framing with a beveled mat, if so desired.



DIY Tutorial to frame ACEOs and small work on paper.

Here is a simple and affordable DIY tutorial than anyone can do!


Here are the materials you will need:




1. 5"x7", 6"x8", or 8"x10" or larger sized ready-made frame.

2. Acid-Free mat board.
3. Exacto or utility knife.
4. Four white Acid-Free Photo-corners.
5. Ruler or straight-edge.
6. Pencil.

7. Cardboard or mat to protect cutting surface.

Use any ready-made frame [5" x 7", 6" x 8" or 8" x 10"] that comes with glass or plexi and cut a piece of mat board or foamboard (preferably acid-free) with an exacto knife to the same size opening.


My personal preference is to use thin black frames and a light colored mat or foamboard (white or beige) as it seems to match well in various home décor environments; but it's really is up to the individual collector's personal preference.

Cut 8" x 10" inch mat
Cut 8" x 10" inch mat


For this tutorial I used an 8" x 10" inch frame with a beige colored matboard.


Step 1:

Use the backside of the mat board to prevent smudges or marks on the surface of that will be displayed. Measure with the ruler 8" inches wide and 10" inches high.


Step 2:

Draw the pencil lines using the ruler that will be used as cutting guides.


Step 3:

Cut the matboard with the utility knife along the guidelines using the ruler. Remember to use a piece of cardboard or foamboard underneath the matboard to protect the surface you are cutting on.



ACEO Print with attached Photo-corners
ACEO Print with attached Photo-corners


Step 3:

Then, take the 4 acid-free photo-corners and place them snugly along the corners of your ACEO. Using photo-corners allows one to securely display work without having to use harmful tape or glue adhesives. Also the work can be safely removed in the future.

Center mount ACEO on the mat board
Center mount ACEO on the mat board

Step 4:


Take the matboard on the displayable surface and mark the center. 


For an 8" x 10" matboard, the center is 4 inches equidistant from the left and right sides and 5 inches equidistant from the top and bottom. 


I use this technique so i can center mount the ACEO properly on top of the matboard. If you rather just eyeball it - then this step is optional. 


If for any reason your ACEO needs to be re-centered and re-mounted on the mat board i've found you can still carefully and safely remove the photo-corners from the matboard.





Mounted ACEO ready to be framed
Mounted ACEO ready to be framed

Step 5:


After you mount the work on top of the matboard it is almost ready to be placed into the frame.


Before you insert the mat board and place it into the frame, make sure the glass is smudge and debris free.  Clean the glass with a cloth and Windex and let it dry for a few minutes.





Framed ACEO Print
Framed ACEO Print

Step 6: Final Step


Insert the mounted work into the frame and hang it on the wall. Voila!


There are unlimited ways to display art and 2D work. Have fun with it!


With this technique you can use more than one piece and make interesting arrangements, like a diptych, triptych or create geometric shapes. Let your imagination run free. Enjoy!


These are the photo-corners i use, made by Canson. 

You can also find a whole range of styles and colors on Amazon.

Canson Website: Here you can find retail shops near you that carry this item.

I would try to look for them in retail shops where you live first - it's not worth paying the online shipping for such an inexpensive item  - Scrapbook - Photography Stores - Arts & Crafts stores and even Office Supply Stores might carry them.

I find photo-corners are a great way to preserve cherished art, memorabilia, and photographs.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.